Vilma Vicente  


An average first massage session will include the following:

Initial assessment: a short talk about the specific issues of your animal, some medical history, and determining that is the correct approach to the issue.

Massage: between 30 and 50 minutes. The first session may be shorter (30 min) due to the excitement and uncertainty of our friend. As the sessions become more regular, our friend will be more relaxed, and enjoy longer sessions.

Acupressure: each session is completed with a set of acupressure points depending on the specific issue or what I find during the massage.

Being a Reiki practitioner, it will be delivered throughout each session. However, a sole Reiki session is sometimes recommended or requested to work on the energy level exclusively.

Assessment                  $25 -1st session or after a long hiatus between sessions
Massage                       $90

Bi-weekly                      $80

Weekly                          $70

Mini massage                $50-Less than 30 min

Reiki                              $70


*There is an extra charge for distance over 12 miles, Sundays and late evening.


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