Vilma Vicente  


Massage has been used on animals for over 5000 years in the Far East. It is a digital pressure technique that follows a specific procedure from start to finish; balancing energy, restoring circulation, and stimulating self healing.

The science of Acupressure is based on the Taoist model of harmony and the dynamic balance of our energy. The body is a map of energetic connections that surface in specific points, when pressure is applied to those points it induces a healing effect. To be delivered properly, both practices require a profound knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

Reiki means Universal Energy; it links the body, mind, and spirit. Originated in the Far East it is similar to the healing powers of the ancient Masters of many other cultures throughout the world.

Body and Energy works are beneficial for:

- Lymphatic/Cardiovascular System
- Healing after surgery/injury
- Digestion
- Pain management
- Skin and Coat
- Behavioral changes
- Balance and Propioception
- Grief
- Natural aging process

These sciences are complimentary to proper raising, veterinary care, diet and exercise. It is very important that your animal friend lives a joyful life, running and playing since puppy hood until the golden years. And remember, laughter is a powerful healer.


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